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16 January 2011 @ 06:40 pm
I never imagined I could EVER feel worse than I did 2 years ago, well thanks 2011 for providing me with a new low, 13 days into the year.

now that that's out of the way, i've been having all sorts of fun with weird things lately. For some odd reason I've started singing karaoke, and don't think its all that bad.

I was trying not to drink coffee on the weekends, but well, I'm going to get coffee in about an hour with the italian crew so I guess that's over and done wtih.

online dating sites are terrible, but so are my social skills. it's helpless.
30 July 2010 @ 01:38 am
i feel like i constantly smell like vomit.

honestly think i'm going to get caught again sooner rather than later.
10 July 2010 @ 03:45 am
trying to determine what i hate more, gauges or septum piercings.


i found my sasquatch tee shirt last night it makes me so happy to have it back in rotation.
planet fitness is opening right around the corner soon, this makes me happpy since i will join and have a gym again and a gym taht i cannot ignore. i have to drive by it to go to and from work (well till laurel ave gets reopened)
07 July 2010 @ 03:16 am
hanson is playing 2 shows near me this month, and gah....i can't go to either.

cant get out of work for one, and the second one is my best friend from colleges birthday and he's having a party i can't miss.

what's keeping me sane is that they are not general admission. i won't go to non GA shows anymore. I get front row everywhere so I need GA to do so.
21 February 2010 @ 11:34 pm
ewww. i'm so desperate for chocolate i'm eating a tootsie roll pop.

today i learned how to make syringes filled with an anti-psychotic gel. it was nasty and time consuming.

so, apparently everyone already is looking for post graduation jobs....me i'm just thinking about the fact that i'm going to be graduating.
06 February 2010 @ 01:54 am
I love my job so much more than I could imagine right now. Why? because I am going to be working in the control room now, isolated from all of the crazies. Just 2 rooms of C2,C3,C4,&C5 medications, 3 log books, and a complex manifest system.
29 January 2010 @ 04:59 am
jd salinger died. his books mean a lot to me, and a lot to so many others. i'll never forget lying up in my (now ex) boyfriend's bed reading "9 stories" by the light of my cellphone while his family quietly snoozed at an hour way to early for me.

i'm pretty sure justin called me from a restricted number at about 2am and woke me for the 2nd time this evening. He's a bastard who only contacts me when drunk or wants me to join his now former band. I hope his girlfriend wises up.

It's rather unfortunate that they standard of guys I will date is no where near the standard of guy I can actually get. i want unattainable guys. I'm currently crazy for Phil, but he as a girlfriend. One whom he tells me he can't handle/stand beign with, but who he then blogs about saying that even if he moves to NYC he'll pay half her rent and stay with her. Frustrating. i almost want to send him a pic of my chest when I know they'll be together, and just crash shit for them. But I won't. I'm a puss.
27 January 2010 @ 04:28 am
I've been really bad with this whole live journal thing.

When I used to write in it all the time I felt much better and was able to go back and look at how I felt and my motives/whatnot. I stopped writing because I felt emo and childish whining over and over again. Then I try to come back to lj, and I feel like such an ass. I've missed important and life altering events in some of your lives, and haven't a clue as to whether i should acknowledge these things or just sort of pick up and start commenting.

I think I need to write again.

It's been so long, I feel as though I should re-introduce myself.

I'm Allison, a 22 year old, over-weight recovering bulimic, wannabe pin-up girl, owner of 2 irish wolfhound puppies, business management major, senior in college, dean's list student w/a 4.0 last semester, thrifter, rhode islander, yankee, atheist, fanson, psychobilly chick, punk enthusiast, good speller, single, celibate, up right bassist, show go-er, pretend beer snob, jack & coke swigging pharmacy tech.
31 December 2009 @ 07:57 pm
wowzers. i haven't really updated in over two months. i'm too busy being crazy, heart-broken, and working far to much to really have much time for a once beloved thing. sometimes i feel like livejournal is something i use as a crutch, a place to moan and bitch where someone might care. i think its bad to hold things inside, but at the same time like, i don't know who in the world to tlak to. i might ask kayla if she wants to get coffee sometime soon, cuz i could use a real-life flooding of horrid things and maybe get some perspective from her.

i kind of really want out of rhode island. i just don't know where to go. like i hate the following situation, i ran into some boys i went to high school with one of them completely bullshitted me the whole fucking time. eh, all i can say is that i conquered one of the top five hottest boys i went to school with, and he made an ass out of himself. pretty bad, but oh well.

things crashed and burned regarding justin. i think the absolute worst part of it all is that he is now the bassist of the sickabillys so i can't go see my favorite fucking band anymore. pissed off about that. met a new guy, really kind of confused by him, but its ok.

school has kicked my ass. im doing well in the two classes i figured i'd do poorly in, and i'm sucking at like in marketing. the only upsetting thing about marketing is that if i fail it, i can't take seminar next semester, which means i won't graduate in the spring. so i gotta bust my ass on my business plan and pray to god or satan or whoever happens to control ramocki (probably satan).

class is in an hour, and its raining. fantastic. think its time for lunch and a new imix. perhaps updating this would be good, maybe i won't cry everytime i get in my car if i let it all out.

^^^^^^that's what i currently look like. pinup girl, what?